Why do I judge awards

We need to contribute, develop and grow the respective fields in which we work. I was privileged to act as an evaluator for the South African Publican Forum, IABC Silver Quills and the MACE Exellence Awards.

South African Publication Forum

The South African Publication Forum (SAPF) hosted the highly successful and sought-after Corporate Publication Competition. This opportunity for peer recognition and reward of excellence (printed and digital) has inspired and motivated continued excellence in the corporate publication sector (printed and digital). Read more about them here https://sapublicationforum.co.za/

Silver Quill awards

The annual Silver Quill awards programme recognises business communication excellence across the African continent. It salutes work that contributes significantly to business outcomes, which is innovative and unique.

The entries are reviewed against the International Association of Business Communicators’ (IABC) standard of excellence, ensuring that communicators can demonstrate the impact their work has had on business goals. The aim is to encourage the pursuit of excellence rather than competition. Read more about them here https://www.iabc.co.za/silver-quill/

Awards are a fantastic way to recognise your hard work and that of your team. The mere act of entering can provide an opportunity to compound all of the work and take note of the progress you have made in a specific area, or over a certain period of time.

The Mace Excellence Awards

The MACE Excellence Awards takes place annually and recognises and celebrates excellence and the achievements of specialists and practitioners in marketing, advancement and communication in the higher-education sector. Read more about it here

Why do I do it?

I get to share my knowledge and offer guidance to the entrants on how to improve. I have a chance to discover the latest trends and innovations and stay up to date in the ever-changing landscape. As one fellow judge said – “it is a bit like cheating as we get access to the best minds and how they apply it in their respective fields”. It is a continual privilege to journey with entrants, exploring and celebrating their stories of growth, change, challenge and triumph. 

I am looking forward to evaluating the IABC Gold Quills early next year. Read more about it here https://gq.iabc.com/

Judges for the IABC Silver Quills

What do you do to contribute to your field of study?

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