Change readiness and focus groups

We are assisting a manufacturing company with the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Program (ERP). We realised that the employees are not on board and held focus groups to see what they think and feel. Earlier in the year, we did employee engagement surveys, so the focus group promoted the employees to tell us more about their feelings about the upcoming change and also served as a dipstick to test some of the survey results.

Change management

Change management is the process of looking at the human side of change. If a focus group is orchestrated correctly, it can yield valuable and actionable information.  Focus groups are a useful and versatile tool for studying organizational change. They allow detailed study of social interaction, during which changes in attitudes and understanding can be observed.

Focus group

Focus groups

Focus groups are an opportunity for employees and stakeholders to share concerns and for leaders to explain the reasons for the change. It is likely that concerns brought up by one employee in a focus group are shared by others in the company. This can give leadership an idea of what messaging to use when addressing the change. As a change management tool, focus groups are not only a way to solicit feedback, but also a way to incorporate the employees into the decision-making process.

Change readiness assessments

You can also use readiness assessments. The insights revealed from assessments like this can be used to convince the leadership to invest in critical change management activities, such as communication planning and end-user training. Never underestimate the value of training during change management of an ERP!

Change is never easy, but with guidance from a change management expert, you can minimize change resistance.

What other tools do you use to get more information to use in your change process?

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