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Christine Breet Communication specialises in delivering measurable solutions for communication-related business challenges, including refining strategies, managing change, building communities, and providing impactful training.

Our passion lies in simplifying complex ideas, ensuring that all stakeholders can understand them.  This clarity leads to business growth and a measurable impact on your organisation.

We add value to your business through corporate and strategic communication, change management, internal communication, development communication, research and audits, and training and facilitation.

Our driving purpose is to empower businesses by identifying challenges and delivering tailored solutions. This approach enhances communication, enables effective change management, fosters community development, and drives impactful training programs—all of which lead to measurable business impact.

We believe that we can impact people’s lives by helping them realise their self-worth and become economically independent. Development communication driven by clear goals motivates social change.

We understand the benefits of training and facilitation. Skilled and engaged employees lead to high job satisfaction, increased commitment, and better retention. Relevant and practical training helps leaders feel competent and effectively influences employee performance.



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What our clients have to say

On very few occasions it happens that a client of yours do not only require tasks and action from you, but insight and vision as well. This, in my view, is who Christine is. She has challenged me on levels I never expected, but are grateful for. She influences people positively to be the best they can be. Her calm approach to problems is by far one of her key outstanding characteristics. It might seem everything is falling apart around you, but Christine will pick up the pieces, direct and motivate you to success. Her obvious intelligence and street smarts have on various occasions benefited both her employer, but more so those she directs in achieving objectives that sometimes seem impossible to others to achieve. With Christine on your side, be prepared for hard work, but also life lessons you can use in both your personal life and professional career.

Hernus Vermeulen

Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing | Integrated Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Website Optimisation | SEO | ABX | ABM | B2B Marketing | B2C Marketing | CRM | UX | Advertising

I have worked with Christine on the Abashintshi project Inspired by Sappi. We travelled to rural KZN and facilitated Asset Based Community Development and Enterprise Development to a group of young people. Christine opened eyes with her capacity for respectful, open and lively discussions on topics that were seen as cultural taboos. She leads the team with a great passion for change but a deep understanding of their social and physical environments. She invested in her students more than was expected and through this changed lives. She also has a unique ability to help the boardroom understand the community environment, something so crucial when they make decisions that affect community lives. I have the utmost respect for her and would recommend her to any organisation.

Anel du Preez

Co-Owner at Canned Culture and Naturally Safe

Christine was one of the facilitators on our team delivering Ethics and anti-corruption training. She was very professional at all times. As a Trainer and Facilitator Christine is energetic and connects equally comfortable with participants at all organisational levels. She has a lovely confidence and she is solution-focused when there are challenges along the way. Christine is a high-level strategic thinker but a the same time she has the gift to transfer learning to all educational levels attending training.

Rinet Griessel

Diversity and Inclusion Influencer. Founder In SA for Inclusivity (PTY) Ltd and Women of Wisdom Mentoring Well. Enneagram Life and business Coach. Diversity and Inclusion since 1993.

As a very satisfied client, I can highly recommend Christine's professionalism, her attention to detail and her dedication. It was always an absolute pleasure dealing with her on any aspect of the project. She showed the highest levels of commitment in ensuring that she delivered only her very best at all times. Her knowledge of community development work is exceptional, and she can be considered to be a leader in her field. She is a communications specialist with exceptionally strong leadership skills, she is a a consummate training specialist and comes highly recommended for any related work in the field. My best wishes and highest regard for her work accompany this recommendation.

Zelda Schwalbach

External Communications Lead at Sappi Southern Africa

Having worked with Christine on the Business Repositioning Project for Aurecon Africa, I can say that she is a master of her craft. Christine is one of those individuals who really thrives on complicated challenges. Christine is energised by complexity and having to think on her feet. Business repositioning is no easy task, as a team member on the project I have much admiration and respect for Christine’s ability to demonstrate flexibility and her ability to reconfigure the complex into the simple. In addition, Christine awareness and expertise in change management always brought us back to the impact on our people. Christine provided valuable insight on the complexities of change but also looking at the perspectives that made sense to others, Christine ensured that the team supporting and communicating with our people where best equipped to handle difficult questions and ensuring that the approach was anchored on human centricity and firm values. It’s not just Christine’s technical skills that impress me, her amazingly positive attitude, her diligence and a can-do attitude!

Shamenthree Naidoo

Learning eXperience Leader| Life & Career Coach | SABPP Registered Chartered Professional L&D

Christine is an Associate and a senior member in the Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Business Unit of Aurecon. She is an outstanding professional who executes her projects in an efficient and organised way. Christine has exceptional expertise in the consulting sphere, very dedicated, self-motivated and truly capable. She is one of the leading experts on Strategic Communication Management and Change Management. She has implemented one of the very successful Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) projects in South Africa and also gives training on ABCD. She has contributed immensely to the business development of our Unit.

Tebogo Sebego

Associate - Senior Social Scientist at Zutari

A consumate professional and one of the best managers I've worked with during a career of 20 plus years. Christine never expected anything from her team that she would not (or could not) do herself. I know her as somebody who is totally dedicated to her job and always loyal to the company she works for.

Christine has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of PR, marketing and strategic communication. An absolute asset to any organisation.

After my contract with the ATKV expired (where I reported directly to Christine) we remained friends and worked together on different projects through the years (amongst others at her own company, Christine Breet Communications).

Ilse Salzwedel

Award-winning journalist, published author, radio presenter and speaker.

The Covid19 craziness caught most of us unawares and our company was no exception. AFFORD A CHEM though fortunate to manufacture and supply a range of anti-viral and anti-bacterial products was forced look to more innovative idea's to stay relevant in a drastically changing industry and economy. We asked Christine Breet Communication to assist in navigating new ideas and products to our clients and to liaise between retail market outlets and us. We can proudly say that with her help we managed to not only make a difference in our community but also successfully launched a new product range that is safe effective and accessible to the public. The Safe Cloud aerosol sanitiser range. We recommend her to anyone who need stakeholder engagement and communication expertise. She will be a part of our legacy.

Ian van Bergen

Director at AFFORD-A-CHEM /AFFORD GROUP and Irridas SA - Controlled Technology


Who is Christine Breet Communication?


I have 30 years of experience in the non-profit, government and private sectors.  As a skilled and knowledgeable business consultant, trainer and facilitator, I advise on all facets of communication – change management, stakeholder management, media liaison, reputation and risk management, marketing and advertising, business development, research, community development, and social mobilisation. 

I am a certified Strategic Communication Management Professional and board member of the Africa IABC and I only work with the best-accredited associates. 


As part of our unique offering, Christine Breet Communication thrives on collaboration and teamwork, harnessing the power of collective intelligence to find innovative solutions tailored to your needs. 

Our belief in the potency of research underpins every aspect of our approach, ensuring that our strategies and recommendations are grounded in evidence and data-driven insights. 

By combining our love for teamwork with a dedication to thorough research, we deliver creative, effective, and deeply informed and reliable solutions.


We at CBC create interactive projects with stakeholder engagement and communication as the foundation of success. 

Our expert team can meet the needs of any project, large or small, with efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism.

 Please reach out to us to see how we can help you in reaching your goals.



Our services include


Our Services

Strategic communication is about communicating with purpose. It is seeing the big picture and creating the roadmap to deliver the business strategy.

At CBC, we use strategic communication to understand complex challenges. We also embrace user-centred design to offer a blended technical and creative problem-solving approach. 

Social Impact Communication

Social impact

We develop, implement, and manage programmes that improve stakeholders’ understanding of the issues affecting the business and the community where it operates. 

This builds trust and credibility through consultation and communication-based activities.

Through early engagement with communities and other stakeholders, we aim to ensure successful projects with minimal delays, unreasonable demands, and managed expectations.

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

ABCD challenges the traditional needs-based approach to assisting vulnerable communities. It changes mindsets and helps communities use what they have to solve their specific needs, not rely solely on handouts from external parties. By giving high priority to community concerns and grievances, positive project outcomes and operational success are prioritised.

Strategic communication is to communicate with a purpose to ensure that team members understand the business strategy and can execute it successfully. At Christine Breet Communication, we make sense of complex challenges. We embrace user-centred design to offer a blended technical and creative problem-solving approach.

Strategic communication is effective when the communication plan links to the business and development plans.

Building an effective internal communication strategy is the best way to to improve the productivity, collaboration and engagement of your workforce. Internal communication includes programmes that create awareness and influence opinion or behavioural change, including those focused on ethics, morale, internal culture or change management. CBC creates, facilitates and implements internal communication strategies to make sure that information reaches all levels of the organisation.

A robust communication audit is a valuable step in your strategic communication process. It presents a clear picture of the effectiveness of communication on both the internal and external audience. It determines if your communication is servicing the needs of your business. It identifies information gaps, vague messages, and ineffective channels. It also establishes a benchmark for ongoing communication, so you can measure efficiency and allocate your resources wisely.

Change communication is the informational component of the change management strategy.  It helps stakeholders understand what is changing and why, and how it will particularly affect them.

The main scope and function of development communication are not just about distributing information and messages, but also to engaging stakeholders and assess the situation.

The main aims of development communication are to create an environment that is conducive to the assessment of risks and opportunities, to distributes information, and to encourage behaviour and social change.

Successful stakeholder engagement ensures sustainable and positive development in project-impacted areas.  We help organisations to better understand who their stakeholders are, what they want, why and when they want it, and how to best engage with them.

Stakeholder engagement programmes support sustainable change in development operations, and mitigate risks linked to human behaviour. At CBC we focus on participatory and interpersonal methods, rather than rely solely on media or electronic channels to engage stakeholders. We believe in a participating and co-design approach when planning a project and engaging with its stakeholders.



Our approach to training and facilitation is rooted in the belief that learning should be both engaging and purposeful. Through highly interactive sessions, we ensure participants are actively involved in the learning process, resulting in tangible results and lasting impact.

At CBC, we offer a diverse range of training programs focused on communication skills, change management, interpersonal development, customer service excellence, entrepreneurial growth, and community empowerment. Our sessions are designed to equip individuals and organisations with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

We employ a variety of methodologies, including Design-Led Thinking, Systems Theory, Asset-Based Community Development, Micro MBA, Theory of Change, and many others. By drawing on these diverse approaches, we tailor our training programs to meet the unique needs and objectives of our clients, ensuring maximum effectiveness and relevance. 


IABC Silver QuillGold Quill and Best of the Best Internationally for the VWSA Communication Excellence training for Leaders – part of the DevCom Team and leading facilitator. 2022

IABC Silver Quill for Stand up, Speak up and Show up – OneTeam Meeting presenter training for the VWSA leadership. 2023

IABC Silver Quill for On the Road to Success: LCS Group initiative. CBC also won Best of the Best in Africa for this project. 2023