Companies often focus too much on logistics and not enough on communication when implementing change. Managing conversations about change is challenging. One key aspect of communicating about change is getting the messages right. People have emotional reactions and resistance to change, and this is frustrating, but unfortunately, you cannot simply order people to be enthusiastic about a change.

The easiest way to get teams on board is to create a message that makes sense to people and to put the message into context/align it with other messages in your company. 

Try this

  1. Messages need to be simple and in bite-size chunks. It is important that the message should stand on its own—without explanation. Make it easy to share.
  2. Ban any jargon. With your change management team develop key themes that are short, easy to understand and easy to remember.
  3. Shoot straight do not try to overwhelm the team members. Develop honest communication to get the message out.
  4. Avoid clichés and slogans.
  5. All your staff must be able to understand all the words and phrases in your change management message. Test your message to ensure there is universal understanding.
  6. Refer to previous changes and/or the past. Create the context as to why the change management is necessary.
  7. It is important to link your change messages to the important things at the company -your goals, values, strategy, etc. Focus on sharing your vision, not emphasizing the root problem.
  8. WDIMTM – What does it mean to me? Make it real for your team member so that they know how the change will affect them and what is expected of them to make this work.

Change adoption depends on the support and cooperation of the affected team members, and you can only get people on board when they understand the purpose of the change. Give them a clear and simple message to understand and embrace.

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