I am sure that you are experiencing change somewhere in your life at the moment. Some people will embrace it but depending on the change there is the chance that you might be in the process of trying to avoid it. Maybe the change seems too difficult.

Change is always as mysterious as we want it to be or need to be. Carey Niewhof said that change has dynamics, and the dynamics can be learned. I agree.

There are a few truths that we need to keep in mind when implementing change

  1. 37% of top executives and 45% of frontline professionals have resistance to change. (read the article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/markmurphy/2016/02/19/new-data-shows-that-leaders-overestimate-how-much-their-employees-want-to-change/?sh=2ab5b01b162f)
  2. People will crave the future they haven’t lived  – if they understand the vision.
  3. Leaders crave change more than most people do because they are, well, leaders. 
  4. Loud does not equal large. The most opposed people make the most noise but are not necessarily the largest crowd.
  5. The unimplemented change will always become relief or regret. 
  6. Transformation happens when the change in question becomes part of the culture. 
  7. You won’t transform an organization until people no longer want to go back to the way it was. That is often 5-7 years.

The last thought that might hold you back to implement change is – The greatest enemy of your future success is your current success. Current success turns into past success, and the past has a nostalgia that the future never will.

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