Project check-ins and coffee chat questions during change management

To achieve successful implementation during a change management project, ongoing and effective team communication is required. Communication must be proactively planned for and scheduled. Asking the right questions can mean the difference between identifying potential obstacles during initiation and planning or stumbling right over them in the execution of a change management project.

Start of the project

Once a project started, progress check-ins ensure they run as smoothly as possible. This creates transparency and assists to raise group issues that can be clarified and answered. This also assists to share experiences and the participants react together and build from each other’s comments.

Check-ins and coffee chats help build rapport within your team.

Some check-in questions can centre around how the employees measure their success in the project, ask them to identify their obstacles, enquire as to what excites them about the project and find out what assistance they need to successfully complete the project.

Execution and beyond

Once a project moves into execution and beyond, consider changing the line of questioning to find out what is working and what is not. What should happen more of and what should there be less of? How have the changes influenced their work overall? Also, ask what they need to ensure the project’s continued success.

Celebrate your wins

These coffee chats should also celebrate wins, provide data and updates, and produce useful action items. The right coffee chats and check-in questions can bring the team together and draw out valuable information.

What else do you find useful to ask during these check-ins and coffee chats during your change management process?

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