Internal communication’s role in change management

If you ask communicators, they will confirm that one of the main responsibilities of every internal communications professional is to communicate changes within the company. If you ask this in a change management context, it is found that 94% of companies that exceed their change goals have effective communication and efficient communicators. Having an excellent internal communications team can be the answer to get the success you are looking for, as the team works to better integrate, retain, and inspire employees during times of change.

In the current agile work culture, it is important to have a strategy for fast and efficient change management. This is to ensure that any changes regarding the company’s service, product, customers or employees are important enough to be communicated and remembered.

Research has shown that communication during organisational change is one of the deciding factors of the success or failure of a new initiative. Internal communicators need to inform the entire organisation (not only the affected employees) of new strategies while also maintaining consistent messaging.

6 Reasons internal communications are at the centre of change management 

  1. Change must be managed professionally and effectively. It also needs to be transparent. Clear communication takes the sting out of the change.
  2. Strong and healthy company culture and morale can give the employees the necessary comfort and reassurance.
  3. Companies must have a dedicated system for reliable workplace communication. E.g., an intranet, hub or app.
  4. Communication strategies must be integrated and optimized for the existing systems
  5. Communications campaigns should be targeted and personalized. Companies that personalise their communications help workers feel engaged and connected to their organisation.
  6. Results must be tracked, measured, and leveraged. Tracking and measuring the results will help communicators to understand what is working and where changes, updates, or improvements are needed in the communication efforts.

I hope this helps you appreciate the internal communication team more. 

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